Bemoedigende afscheidsmail van een klant

translation project manager, positieve geluiden van een klant, waardering, klantentevredenheid, kwaliteitsvertalingenIn september 2017 kreeg ik een e-mail van een project manager, die ik jullie niet wil onthouden.
“Dearest XXXXX Translators,
This is my goodbye message because, after three years, tomorrow is my last day (…).
I would like to express my deep and sincere respect for the way you work and the way you are as people. You have been reminding me how significant, demanding and at the same time exciting the translation profession is. Could we imagine the world without (good) translators? 😉 Please always remember how meaningful your work is, and never underrate yourselves. You are the highest level.
During our cooperation I could unalterably rely on you, and I think that we could create kind of mutual trust and… comfortable, friendly relationship, which has been of a great importance to me and has made my work simply pleasurable. Well, working with you has been the best thing that could happen to me here.
Just not to keep that message too long (because who likes too long messages), let me finish with virtual massive thanks and the very best wishes for the future: loads of health, energy and passion! I really hope that you will remember me in a more positive than negative way. 😉
Warm wishes,”
Niet alleen toont de manager hiermee waardering voor het werk dat we drie jaar voor hen hebben uitgevoerd, maar er staat ook een opvallend zinnetje in: “Please always remember how meaningful your work is, and never underrate yourselves.” Dat is net het tegenovergestelde van zeuren om lagere prijzen!
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Vertaalbureau Motte bij TAUS

On September 12, 2017, Translation Agency MOTTE attended a webinar hosted by TAUS about transcreation and definition of translation quality in a marketing context.
Op 12 september 2017 nam Vertaalbureau MOTTE deel aan een webinar, georganiseerd door TAUS, over transcreatie en de nieuwe benaderingen van kwaliteitseisen voor vertalen en transcreatie in verband met marketing.
taus webinar on quality control