Iate celebrates its 10th anniversary

iate, 10th anniversary, 10e verjaardag, 10e anniversaire
Translation Agency Motte thanks IATE to give us 10 years official European terminology!
Vertaalbureau Motte dankt IATE om ons al 10 jaar de officiële Europese terminologie te geven!
Bureau des Traductions Motte remercie IATE pour nous donner déjà 10 ans la terminologie officiëlle de l’Europe!
Übersetzungsbüro Motte dankt IATE für 10 Jahre offizielle europäische Terminologie!
About IATE
IATE (= “Inter-Active Terminology for Europe”) is the EU’s inter-institutional terminology database. IATE has been used in the EU institutions and agencies since summer 2004 for the collection, dissemination and shared management of EU-specific terminology. The project partners are:
European Commission
Court of Justice
Court of Auditors
Economic & Social Committee
Committee of the Regions
European Central Bank
European Investment Bank
Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU
The project was launched in 1999 with the objective of providing a web-based infrastructure for all EU terminology resources, enhancing the availability and standardisation of the information.
IATE incorporates all of the existing terminology databases of the EU’s translation services into a single new, highly interactive and accessible interinstitutional database. The following legacy databases have been imported into IATE, which now contains approximately 1.4 million multilingual entries:
Eurodicautom (Commission),
TIS (Council),
Euterpe (EP),
Euroterms (Translation Centre),
CDCTERM (Court of Auditors),
For more information, please download the IATE brochure.

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