The Avengers: Avenger World: The Avengers in our lives

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Past year somebody asked me to writer an article on my memories about The Avengers, the well-known British spy/detective/sf series of the 60’s with John Steed, Tara King, Emma Peel, Cathy Hale and Venus Smith.
It felt uneasy to write an article for a public which is well aware of the fact that the answer to “How do you do?” is “How do you do?”. But my text was accepted without any remarks.
The income of the book is to support basic education in Tanzania.
There is a paperback and a hardback edition.
Pay attention to the
at the top right corner, because if you use it, you get an interesting discount.
The best thing is to buy via the organization’s website, because in that case they get a bigger cut from the profits and they can send more money to Tanzania. The collaborators did everything voluntarily for free.

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